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The Muria is a triangular shawl. It begins at a point and increases until it ends at the widest part. It has sections where short loops are used to form blocks of color at different angles. Choose three main colors and one contrasting color to separate the color blocks.

The shawl is garter stitch so it's very simple but entertaining thanks to the short rows and color changes. A perfect shawl to knit while chatting or watching TV. The walls are the traditional stone fences that separate the meadows in Asturias.

After blocking, approximately 173 cm along the left edge, 133 cm wide along the zipper, and 188 cm along the diagonal edge.

Together with the kit you will receive the pattern download code on the Tejer web in English.

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* Option 1:
2809 Granada | 2802 Celine | 2801 Blanco | 2807 Vainilla


* Option 2:
2805 Oro | 2808 Viola | 2801 Blanco | 2806 Gris


* Option 3:
2802 Celine | 2804 BlueNight | 2801 Blanco | 2803 Esmeralda


Voltage sample:
21 points and 36 turns in 10 cm in garter stitch, before blocking. Tension isn't too important in this pattern, but it can affect how much yarn you need.

After blocking, approximately 173 cm along the left edge, 133 cm wide along the zipper, and 188 cm along the diagonal edge.

The pattern has links to tutorials for all the techniques you'll need.

How to download thel pattern:

1. Go to and select the Store in the menu.
2. Find the Muria shawl pattern and add it to the cart.
3. In the cart, enter your code in capital letters in the corresponding box and click 'Apply coupon'. The cost of the pattern will be automatically deducted from the cart.
4. Complete the purchase and you will see two buttons to download the pattern in English or Spanish. The pattern is in print-ready PDF format. You will also receive an email with the link to download the pattern in PDF format.

Make sure you save this email so you can download the pattern again if there is an update to it.

You can see a video of the purchase process and where to enter the code here:

You will receive your shawl download code along with your kit.

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