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Because of its origin, where the combination of climate, seed and soil gives a strong and resistant fiber with 30 to 33 mm in length and a fineness of 4.6 to 5.8 microns, of uniform character and a very soft touch with an excellent absorption of Color, resulting in very good quality garments with exceptional durability.


Composition: 100% Cotton
Thickness: Sport
Season: Spring - Summer
Presentation: 50 grams
Lenght: 125 metres - 137 yards
Needles: from 3.5 to 4.5 mm

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  • Cotton A001 moon
  • Cotton A002 pearl
  • Cotton A004 Jade
  • Cotton A005 nectar
  • Cotton A006 lemon
  • Cotton A007 rose
  • Cotton A008 african
  • Cotton A009 Mercury
  • Cotton A010 oxygen
  • Cotton A011 royal
  • Cotton A012 denim
  • Cotton A013 forest
  • Cotton A014 empolvado
  • Cotton A015 aguamarine
  • Cotton A017 rubi
  • Cotton A016 peach
  • Cotton A018 marine
  • Cotton A019 mostaza
  • Cotton A020 grafitto
  • Cotton A021 silver
  • Cotton A022 sand
  • Cotton A003 Polar
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